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Rani Yadav caught doping
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February 21, 2011  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

Rani Yadav caught dopingThe race walker from India, Rani Yadav, has tested positive for the steroid nandrolone. Yadav, thus, became the third person at the Commonwealth Games to be caught doping.

She has been provisionally suspended from the event, according to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

From Timesofindia.indiatimes.com:

Yadav could be banned for two years if found guilty. Over the previous two days, two Nigerian runners were found to be positive for the banned stimulant Methylhexaneamine, with Osayomi Oludamola later stripped of her gold medal in the women’s 100-meter race. Hurdler Samuel Okon, who did not win a medal, also tested positive.

Commonwealth Games Federation President Mike Fennell said more than 1,300 doping samples had been collected so far at the games.

“Everyone would concede that to have three doping cases of those 1,300 tests is not a bad record,” Fennell said. “And two of those have been concluded for substances that are considered by many to be not in the serious area of doping activity, which is stimulants. This new case has not been heard and I would not want to make any comments on that.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency recently loosened the classification of Methylhexaneamine for next year to the “specified stimulant” list, which covers drugs that are more susceptible to inadvertent use and can carry reduced penalties. Sanctions for use of the drug can be reduced if athletes can prove they did not intend to enhance performance. Penalties can range from a warning to a two-year ban.

WADA said Methylhexaneamine was sold as a medicine until the early 1970s and has now reappeared in some nutritional supplements and cooking oils.

Nandrolone, the steroid, is admired by sportsmen for enhancing performance and it seems like this time the Commonwealth Games seem to have improved their anti-doping efforts after being criticized by WADA following the games in Melbourne four years ago.

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