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Norwegian Cross-Country Skier Suspended For Two Months
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July 21, 2016  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced Norwegian cross-country skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby has been suspended for two months for an anti-doping violation. Johnsrud will lose his 2015 overall World Cup and Tour de Ski titles over the doping infringement.

The CAS upheld an appeal by the World Anti-Doping Agency against the FIS Doping Panel that had initially cleared the 2014 Olympic bronze medalist of wrongdoing.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport handed him a suspension shorter than usual as “there was medical justification for the athlete’s use of Salbutamol” and “that his degree of fault was light.” The ban started on July 11.

“The CAS award is difficult to understand,” Johnsrud Sundby said. “CAS finds the rule to be unclear and the degree of fault is light. Still I am severely punished. I have always been careful with my medication and followed the [Norwegian ski federation's] regulations and the doctor’s recommendations exactly … I had no reason to doubt their understanding of the regulations.”

The International Ski Federation announced Dario Cologna of Switzerland would take over the 2014-15 overall championship title, and Petter Northug of Norway has been awarded the 2015 Tour de Ski title. Johnsrud Sundby still holds the overall titles for 2013-14 and 2015-16.

Johnsrud Sundby, in a statement released by the Norwegian ski federation, said said his situation is “an athlete’s worst nightmare.”

“I have always competed on clean and honest terms,” he said. “I hope and believe that this case will not have major consequences for my further career, nor for the preparations of the upcoming season.”

Sundby failed two tests for Salbutamol, a medication he used to treat asthma. The tests took place during World Cup events in Davos, Switzerland, in December 2014 and in Toblach, Italy, the following month. Salbutamol is usually applied by a handheld metric dose inhaler but Johnsrud used a nebulizer and exceeded the allowed maximum dose of Salbutamol. The FIS doping panel ruled that Johnsrud didn’t breach anti-doping rules and refrained from further action.

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