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MPCC Chief Urges Team Sky To Join Anti-Doping Group
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March 28, 2017  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

The president of the Movement for Credible Cycling has urged Team Sky and British Cycling to join voluntary anti-doping group of the sport to have any chance of restoring their credibility.

Almost two-thirds of teams in the top two divisions of professional cycling are members. The MPCC has strict rules on the use of Cortisone and Tramadol, the substances at the heart of governance controversy within the two British bodies.

Bradley Wiggins would not have been able to have a cortisone injection shortly before the 2012 Tour de France, even with a therapeutic use exemption had Sky been part of the MPCC.

Roger Legeay said: “Becoming part of the Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible would be good, obviously. We want all teams to join the MPCC. Our rules are very strict but that is a price you pay for having a good image. There are no polemics, we are a voluntary organization, so teams are free to join or not. It’s their choice but I’m certain it’s best for image and credibility.”

Legeay said: “If he had been tested twice by us during the Tour de France that would give his results more credibility. And I would like British Cycling to join us. I hope they do so, in order to show the journalists and public that they want to do more.”

The group of Legeay has received strong backing from the Tour de France organizers. The Movement for Credible Cycling carries out tests to counter the use of Cortisone, with riders made to rest if their values are outside parameters deemed unhealthy, and with a window of eight days in which riders are not permitted to compete after a Cortisone injection.

 “I don’t want to judge anyone nor accuse anyone,” Legeay said, “but what I will say is we have brought in strict rules on tramadol and corticosteroids. Today, the suspicion in England is centered around those two substances. The two topics on the table in England are the ones we deal with.

“Suspicion is the problem and there is no such issue if you join the MPCC. If you do tests internally, that’s fine, but no one can see what you are doing. As a member of the MPCC it’s all transparent.”

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