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Another nutritional company raided in supplement investigations
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October 4, 2009  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

Another nutritional company raided in supplement investigationsA Vista company was busted amid suspicions it is manufacturing and distributing illegal substances, following reports of on-going supplements probe.

A search warrant affidavit issued Sept. 24 for iFORCE Nutrition’s Vista offices and warehouse at 1305 Hot Spring Way appears to be part of a greater federal probe into contaminated supplements. That day, the Idaho headquarters of Bodybuilding.com — believed to be the largest online national distributor of supplements — also was raided.

According to court files, four of the products noted in the Idaho probe came from iFORCE Nutrition. Likewise according to those files, an FDA lab learned they contained several anabolic steroids. One of them is Madol or DMT, a powerful designer steroid used by elite athletes.

David Nelson, the owner of iFORCE Nutrition, ignored a phone message left at his San Marcos residence.

According to Travis Tygart, CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, these are important discoveries, however, after the raid, several steroids can still be purchased online.

On Tuesday, Tygart bore witness at a congressional hearing that examined the abuse of the dietary supplement policies. Moreover, in July, the FDA issued a public health advisory for bodybuilding supplements claiming to deliver steroid-like effects.

According to Sign On San Diego:

The tentacles of the federal crackdown on over-the-counter nutritional supplements laced with anabolic steroids reached into San Diego County last week, when a Vista company was raided amid suspicions it is manufacturing and selling illegal substances.

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