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Anderson was the source of steroids for Bonds
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May 20, 2011  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

Anderson was the source of steroids for BondsRandy Velarde, the former Major League Baseball player, recently testified that he used drugs he believed were human growth hormone obtained from home run king Barry Bonds’ personal trainer, Greg Anderson.

Velarde told of meeting trainer Greg Anderson in parking lots where Anderson injected him in the arm when called by prosecutors as a witness in Bonds’ perjury trial.

From Canada.com:

“I believe it was HGH,” he said, referring to the substance that, like steroids, is banned from professional athletics.

After getting the shots, he “just had more endurance, strength,” he said.

The government aims to prove Bonds lied by showing he used steroids and as part of that effort it aims to show his trainer provided many associates with exactly the drugs he denies taking.

Velarde played 16 seasons as an infielder in the major leagues for teams including the New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Anaheim Angels and Texas Rangers.

Velarde’s testimony came a day after major leaguer Jason Giambi and former major leaguers Jeremy Giambi and Marvin Benard told the court that they had used performance-enhancing drugs obtained from Anderson.

Bonds has pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied before a grand jury about whether he knowingly used the same substances.

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