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Ads for anabolic steroid providers find a place on Law enforcement magazine
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February 25, 2011  |  Posted in  Steroids Blog

Ads for anabolic steroid providers find a place on Law enforcement magazinePolice authorities may forever be claiming about efforts to curb the popularity of anabolic steroids but pages of a magazine written just for law enforcement were recently found to be all filled with ads for anabolic steroid providers.

An advertisement in the December issue of New Jersey COPS, a publication read by officers across the state shouted “We’ve found the fountain of youth!”

From NJ.com:

The full-page ad, one of two hawking hormone replacement therapy, features the image of a shirtless man with thunderous biceps, a sculpted chest and fist-size abs that bulge through bronzed skin.

As an added incentive, a text label proclaims, “Special Discount for Law Enforcement.”

The phone number leads to an answering machine without a message. The address, on Route 10 in Whippany, leads to the Fountain of Youth Anti-Aging Center and Signature Health and Wellness Center, two distinct but affiliated firms that share a small office connected to a gym.

There you’ll find Tom Boorujy, a licensed chiropractor and Signature’s owner, who explains why it was a simple decision to place an ad in a magazine for law enforcement officers.

“From what we heard, there were a lot of cops doing it, so we thought, ‘Let’s market it to that demographic,’” Boorujy said.

The newspaper, Star-Ledger, found at least 248 officers and firefighters from 53 agencies obtaining anabolic steroids and other hormones through Joseph Colao, a Jersey City doctor, who often faked diagnoses and illegally sold growth hormone on the side.

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