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anabolic steroids

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Ultimate 10 Part Steroid Cycle Guide

Steroid Cycle Guide Ultimate 10 part

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DianabolDianabol Profile

Soon after the Testosterone was introduced in the market, Dianabol (chemical name: Methandrostenolone) was then developed to be used as an equalizer for the US weightlifting team. This anabolic steroid is so powerful that it can replenish your androgen with just 10 mg. As stated in its original insert, one tablet can enhance muscle build up to five times. Methandrostenolone is a powerful androgen which results to great muscle mass by stimulating protein synthesis. This strong androgenic steroid is also known to promote both androgenic and estrogenic effects.

Side Effects

When you use this drug, you will experience some androgenic side-effects such as acne formation, difficulty in sleeping, hair loss and heightened aggression. On the other hand, this drug easily binds with aromatase enzyme so it produces gyno effects such as water retention and fat accumulation, weight gain and hypertension. Dianabol also causes an abnormal growth of the breasts tissues or gynecomastia. But you need now to worry because these side effects are controllable by effective anti-estrogen use and post-cycle therapies.

Cycles (Oral)

 Week  Dianabol  Arimidex
 1  50mgs ED  0.5mgs ED
 2  50mgs ED  0.5mgs ED
 3  100mgs ED  1 mg ED
 4  50mgs ED  0.5mgs ED
 5  50mgs ED  0.5mgs ED


Cycles (Injectable and Oral)

Week Dianabol Testosterone Cypionate Arimidex
1 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
2 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
3 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
4 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
5 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
6 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
7 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
8 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
9 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
10 50mgs ED 250mgs / week 1mg ED
ED= every day /week = per week

Buy Dianabol

The production of Dianabol (also known as: dbol, dbolic, d-bolic, dianabolan, naps, pinks) in US was stopped although it is still produced in some Asian and European countries. Dianabol is one of the popular steroids among bodybuilders and athletes because of its high androgenic effects. But since its production is limited, some of its users find it difficult to find other sources to buy Dbol. Since you cannot easily buy it from local pharmacies without a prescription, you can purchase from either black markets or online shops. But when you purchase, make sure that you find a reputable supplier. If you intend to buy this product from black market, there are few things that you should consider like the authenticity and the quality of the products. When you pick up your Methandrostenolone supplies from black markets, you are likely to buy either less potent formulations or counterfeit versions because these sources are not supervised by any government agency. In order to find a good and credible supplier, you need to search e-steroid.com and get updated information on the topic.

Best Place To Purchase Dianabol

When you want to find the best shop to order your steroids including Dianabol, do it online. Internet is the best place to buy anonymously. You just have to browse the internet and search for Roid-Shop.com. This online shop offers high quality and authentic D-Bolic. Also, it provides fast and efficient customer service, so you will definitely be satisfied with their service. Online is the best place to get Dbol because you don’t have to go out of your house to place your order and get your supplies. When you buy through the internet, you just have to make few clicks on your computer to complete the transactions, and you are all set.